Best Reselling app in india, How to start reselling business easily.

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earn money meesho app

Reselling business is growing rapidly in India. Many housewives, students and people from all over India are doing this business online.

Reselling online through the app is the fastest and profitable business you can start now and that too, without any investment from your side.

what is reselling?

reselling simply means you sell products, services that you can source from online apps, and you earn money by adding your margin to the price of the product you want to sell.

how to start Reselling Business?

to start a reselling business, many apps are available online, but the one that I use and no 1 in India is Messho app, you just download it from play store, share products with your WhatsApp and facebook accounts and start selling adding your margin. Product shipping returns, exchange everything is handled by Meesho.

How much money people are making by Meesho app?

more than 1 crore people from all over India resell using meesho app, many earning Rs 50000+ per month, you should also earn easily Rs 10000+ if you resell rightly. You can CLICK HERE to know more.

Now that you know about meesho app lets see how can you start your own reselling business step by step –

Step 1

meesho app download

The first thing you should do is CLICK HERE to go to play store and install meesho app.

Step 2

After installing, open the app, learn about the app through their videos in-app. Browse various product catalogs and select a few products which you can share with your family and friends on WhatsApp. add your margin of RS 50 to RS 70 to earn profit per product sale.

Best Reselling app in india, How to start reselling business easily. 1

Step 3

Share those selected products to your WhatsApp contacts, when someone enquires about it, tell them you have started an online business and get their order details like address, payment method, tell them about free return and exchange within 7 days if they face any product problems.

with the above simple 3 steps, your online reselling business will start, it’s up to you how hard you work and how much money you earn.

So don’t wait and Install Meesho app and start your online business without any investment.

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