Business versus service?Why you don’t do business.

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You may have thought many times about doing some kind of business, but unable to take action.

If you ask me, I am still doing my job even all these years I was constantly thinking about doing business.

but for some reason I just can’t make it happen, finally, I decided that I should do something about it and I started this blog.

The reason behind this I love blogging so much that I can’t stop myself from doing this.

And it also does not require a huge investment.
But all these years I was only thinking constantly to start a business, but at the same time, I am doing this job of mine instead of doing some kind of business.

There must be some reasons that I cannot break my shackles and get started with my freedom that is doing business.

The majority of people do not love what job or service they are doing, and the majority of people also doing some different kinds of jobs against what they have learned during their college days.

Business versus service question makes many people wonder why they are stuck in a job.
There are main reasons behind it and I wanted to know the psychology behind doing just a job and not a business.

So let’s see what mentality causes us to do only jobs and not a business.

8 viruses of the mind that keep you away from doing business.

Do you know that our mind also has viruses and they corrupt our mentality?

These viruses keep you away from achieving money and success and ultimately doing your own business.

They are very powerful and very prevalent today, Our whole generation is infected with them.

Mind viruses are accepted very easily because they essentially allow us to validate our lack of progress in our life.

Powerful mind viruses that keep us away from doing business and taking the risk in our life.

1. Money is a bad thing.

I am sure that you must have heard this thing many times during your life.

Our parents and elderly people in society always used to say money is very bad and it makes a man greedy and selfish. Live the life of a saint and stay away from money.

My background is a Maharashtrian background, there is a proverb in Marathi which says “sadhi Rahani Uccha Vichar” it means that living life very simple and keeping your thoughts very high.

This type of virus keeps you away from thinking about money.

The result is that you earn a little much through your job and you believe that, it’s ok and money is a bad thing as you have been told from your childhood.

You do the same thing and teach your kids that money is a very bad thing and you should stay away from that.

It actually means that you don’t want money so you don’t take it seriously to earn some money and keep doing your no salaried job service.

2. Being rich is very evil.

Have you noticed from your childhood you have been told many times that being rich is very very evil and it’s great to be poor, it may be hard for you to believe this but it’s true?

For example, when you are a small kid, and looking at the big bungalow of a rich person, you tell your parents that you want the same bungalow for you and your parents answers you, that this bungalow belongs to a very rich person and it’s very evil to be rich.

They do it because they also learn the same thing from their parents and the thing continues generation after generation that being rich is very Evil.

This is a very dangerous virus that believes that richness is a very bad thing, usually big business persons have bungalows in the City.

3. Being poor is a very spiritual thing.

Now here comes another virus that stays in our minds from our childhood and keeps away from our fortune and doing business.

For example, I belong to a Brahmin community in India and we do pooja regularly in which we listen to pothis or stories that describe God.

Every story that begins says that there lived a poor Brahmin, this line even begins everywhere else.

What it literally means that you should stay poor and spiritual.

in our subconscious mind, we accept this by hearing again and again right from our childhood.

4. Keep doing the job and keep struggling all your life and you will be accepted by your society who is doing the same thing.

How many people do you know saying that doing business is related to only certain people who have a business background in their families?

they will never encourage you to start any business if you ask their opinion, and they will insist that you should continue doing your routine job.

They will tell you how they struggle all their life by doing their respected jobs and achieved some success which means that they earn their bread and butter but never enjoy their life.

They will tell you that doing business is not our cup of tea, and you should never think of it instead keep doing your job honestly as we have done all our life and keep struggling.

it’s not bad to struggle in life. This virus keeps you away from thinking about doing business and actually starting one.

5. Popular people are very bad.

Many times we hear that a popular person is very bad and you should leave a very simple life.

To become popular you have to do something extraordinary which you cannot achieve by doing your routine jobs.

You have to step out of your comfort zone and do something else that will make you very popular and that generally means doing business.

6. If you want to be rich and do business, sell your soul.

Business versus service?Why you don't do business. 1

Being reach means earning a huge amount of money constantly.

And if we start doing some kind of business and start earning a good amount of money people will think that we are into some bad business?

And we are doing all sorts of improper things to earn.

Ignore this kind of thinking of others and keep doing what you love to do.

7. Rich and business people are bad and they lie and cheat.


It is commonly known as rich people lie and cheat poor people to earn money.

this is a kind of virus that will keep away from doing business for your prosperity.

8. Rich people have lots of money but they have a bigger problem due to that.

You may have heard this many times, this is a type of virus where you justify you don’t have money.
Rich people are also common people they also have problems like a common man so it is wrong to think that they have bigger problems.


I have listed 8 mental viruses that keep away you from starting a business and becoming rich.
these are my personal opinions, feel free to comment below if you think differently.
this is 1 st post on Mental viruses series. look for mental viruses tag for more posts.

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