Google Voice typing, Create hands free text.

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google voice typing


are you still using a keyboard for typing? Do you know about google voice typing and IF I tell you that there is a method by which you can create articles by using only your voice, will you believe me?

you believe it or not, I create 70 % of my content by voice typing, I use google voice typing to my advantage, not only to type in English but also for voice typing in Hindi.

when starting a blog it is a mandatory thing to create your content that is 100% original.

if you copy and paste into your blog then you will end up nowhere. in the past, this is a common thing and many people used to do this regularly, but now in 2020 it is very harmful and you will vanish from the internet in no time.

but there is a problem, if you are starting your first blog, you will definitely find it very difficult to create your own content for your blog posts.

especially if you do blogging part-time, after doing your regular job/business, you don’t have enough time to type and write blog posts which are well researched and over 1000 words.

Now I voice type my posts and save my time and I also suggest you do the same thing.

bitnami wordpress and voice typing helped me immensely when creating new blogs and content.

the post you are reading right now is an example of voice typing, This is maybe the best method You can use for Google voice typing in PC. 

Now let’s see how you can actually voice type your content and create 100% original blog posts for your blog.

You can voice type not only in PC but also in your Android smartphone, by using your smartphone you can create content on the go, and when you are at your home or office you can use your PC to dictate text.  

Google voice typing with Chrome browser  to create content in your PC


do your keyword research and decide on what topic, you are going to write your blog.

I will voice type another blog post on how to do this but for now, you need Google Chrome browser and headphone or mike.

It’s really awesome And in this post, You will learn everything about Voice typing your text, voice typing requires Google Chrome browser installed on your PC.

Visit And sign-in with your Google account if you are not already signed in.

google docs




While using the Chrome browser make sure that you are using the latest version.

After this, you will need a microphone or headphone, And connect it to the PC to make sure it is working fine.

Voice typing your first sentence And saying goodbye to keyboards.

1. Connect your microphone to PC and make sure that it is turn on.

2. In Google Docs open a new document. 

3. Then go to tools – voice typing.

voice typing app


4. After clicking voice typing, voice typing pop-up box opens. 


voice typing popup


select language in this box as per your needs.

There are 40 languages are available in Google voice typing.

5. Click the microphone to begin voice typing but before that, for the first time, Chrome will ask you to grant permission to the Google docs for using a microphone.

allow and continue

6. Now you can start voice typing whatever you want to type in the document, Speak very clearly and in a normal volume and pace.


voice typing text


When you speak into the microphone, Words pop up which means that you are spoken words being processed, and appear shortly after that in your document.

When you are done with your speaking You can close the microphone popup box to exit voice typing.

You can use the following phrases to add punctuation in your document:

  • “Period”
  • “Comma”
  • “Exclamation point”
  • “Question mark”
  • “Newline”
  • “New paragraph”

I don’t use all these but I create only text for use, Remember that text you create by this method whether it is on PC or Android smartphone is not your final text.

this will be RAW text and you have to correct it according to your liking.

our aim here is to do 70% of our content creation work hands-free to save our time. we can then use this text and format it to accuracy.

Google voice typing to create text and original content in your Android phone

in the same way as you learn to create a text on PC, you can easily use your Android smartphone.

you don’t need any special voice typing apps, but there is an option of Google voice typing in language settings in the Android smartphone.

1. Go to the settings tab in the phone and select the languages tab click on virtual keyboards and on the Google voice typing.


voice typing phone



phone language setting the voice tab click on offline speech recognition and download your required languages and install them.


voice tab



language pack phone



3. Go google play store and install iwriter app, which I use and has a lot of options to create well-formatted text.


writing app for phone


4. Now open iwriter app, and create a new document in it.

select Google voice typing as your input method and start speaking in the headphone or directly to the phone.


Google Voice typing, Create hands free text. 1


Google Voice typing, Create hands free text. 2



Google Voice typing, Create hands free text. 3


5. Change the keyboard when you are done with voice typing.


By dictating your voice to the PC or phone, you can create a text that you can use in your blog and in other places.

You can download your required language pack and use them to voice type in your preferred language. 

Don’t use this text directly in your blog post right now, but before that, you have to correct it and format it for use. 

Use voice typing to create text in your blog and save your time.

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