How (NOT!) to start a blog? Big Mistakes Big Failure!!

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How (NOT!) to start a blog? Big Mistakes Big Failure!! 2

There are thousands of pages on the internet telling you how to start a blog, some even say in one hour flat your new super blog will be ready and you will earn like never before.

But do you think this approach is right?

Consider this-

You heard from a lot of people and through social media ads (mainly on Facebook), that blogging is a BIG business and anyone can start a blog and earn money to live a lifestyle of dreams.

You quickly open google on your smartphone and search How to start a blog and make money and you get results.

You open 1st post, 2nd post and find the same information everywhere, you quickly do whatever you have been told to do and in reality, your blog is ready in one hour (maybe in 10 Mins).

AND boom you are stuck!!

You try to do the next things as instructed, but still, no one sees your blog!

You even outsource your article writing and backlinking tasks but again in a few days, no one sees your blog!

You again went to the source where you got information, and write a few posts but again the same thing happens


with all the above things happening you create your search console, analytics, social media accounts, get everything right(according to you) but you don’t see any positive signs and finally


How (NOT!) to start a blog? Big Mistakes Big Failure!! 3

Because I am in the same situation a few years ago and lost my hard-earned money to these so-called multi-milliner bloggers.

I started my blog, posted some quality content, build a few links and waited for three months but I failed.

then I thought why all these folks earning so much and I failed even though I have done right things written in their posts?

to know the answer, I started again from the beginning, I checked the make money blogs advocating to start a blog and realize their biggest earning source.


There are many programs but mainly they earn via Bluehost hosting affiliate program, Why? because they pay $65 or Rs 4000 for every signup from your link.

No dought Bluehost is a Word class company, but the intent of a person who asks you to buy creates a question mark. 

So how they do it?

How (NOT!) to start a blog? Big Mistakes Big Failure!! 4

If you read top posts about starting blogs or websites or online business or e-commerce store they have the same structure of their posts.

first, they convince you benefits of starting a blog and how they are earning money which we could only dream of. they show their income reports to prove their point.

then they follow the same sequence as below.

Brainstorm ideas

pick a niche

Do a keyword research

Buy a hosting plan and domain

write long articles usually above 2000 words

build links to your blog

outsource if needed.

After reading this you start doing what you have been told to do so…

But you don’t get any success with it. And it’s your part of the story, no one cares if you have success or not after following them.

One thing I must clarify here, I am not BLAMING all great bloggers out there, they really provide valuable information on how to make money blogging.

And they make one mistake, after earning their Affiliate commission trough your effort, they look for new readers who can do the same things as you have done.

they will show you stats about how many affiliate sales they have, but they will never worry about those new bloggers who started with their advice.

So, What is important for us?

How (NOT!) to start a blog? Big Mistakes Big Failure!! 5

to answer this question lets see TOP 5 MISTAKES we make when starting an online business or blog.

1. Easily get influenced by reading blog posts of wealthy bloggers.

when I first came to know about this online business thing back in 2012, I saw a post about a Clickbank course known as Clickbank code, I simply got influenced by its author.

I got so excited about that course that I felt like I have got the best earning opportunity in the world, again in 2015 I learned about AdSense and affiliate blogs, but believe me doing anything online is not that easy, it requires a lot of learning, hard work, and dedication.

2. Not keeping patients when needed most.

whatever you are starting online, whether an online business or a blog, you should never hurry and keep doing things blindly.

one should use the brain and stay away from wrong decisions which can cost time and money.

it takes a lot of patience to create high-quality content for your blog, which is the largest deciding factor about your success in the online world.

3. Creating online blogs to earn money and not for your readers.

this is what happens when you follow RICH bloggers out there, you make your blogs with the primary objective of earning money and not to provide real value to internet users.

it’s also possible to make living online but that always comes after you first give great value and help trough your online activity.

4. Starting too early and quitting too late.

Surprised, but it’s true, too many people starts their online blogs, business too early without giving it sufficient time to fully understand how to manage it.

they do the same and same mistakes again and fail every time, not knowing the real reasons behind.

in this process they lose too much time and quit too late, this all belongs to mentality and your background.

if you find an online business is not your cup of tea then you should ideally stay away from it.

5. Doing too much useless research on blog niche, keywords, and other online businesses, etc.

when starting a blog we tend to find the perfect niche, keywords, themes, plugins for our blog, before even starting a blog.

this happens because ‘Shiny object syndrome’ or trying to find perfection in everything.

but we must realize that, whatever job/business we do in our day to day life, we spent almost the first 20 years of life learning to do it properly, yet we are not satisfied with the outcome (income).

it is also not possible online to create something 100 % perfect, without any mistakes.

just study what really needed and start an online journey, if you are hard-working and sincere towards your goal of helping people, you will get success now or later.

Conclusion and your thoughts

this post is not written to discourage you from starting a blog, rather give you an idea of how not to start a blog or website.

you must take your own time, do proper planning, do not invest too much money when starting for the first time.

there are few excellent bloggers out there, from whom I learned a lot, but frankly speaking, I have not bought anything using their affiliate links at all. it’s my view that you should at least study on your own and decide which company or service is good for you and not follow anyone blindly.

if you want to know My way of starting a blog, you can read HERE, but for me, its important to know what you think about the above points. please share your experience with all of us. 

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