How to earn money online by using 14 sites.

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How to earn money online by using 14 sites. 1


Requirements for doing this work and to earn money online easily.

Obviously you need a working smartphone or computer with an internet connection at your home to do this work.

You will need some skills to complete various tasks like completing online forms, navigating various websites, etc.

Below mentioned sites are 100% legal and working as of now 2020.

Get paid to search online


This is one of the most popular paid to search platforms.

this company was founded in 2008. they pay for doing works like watching videos, taking surveys, and completing various offers.

Earnings per search in Swagbucks:

This varies as you get Swagbucks which are there point system that converts to cash.

You can do unlimited searches per day.
Minimum payout for the site is $1
And you can get paid by using Paypal cash and gift cards.


Bing is a very popular search engine after Google, they make up almost 22% of all web searches.

many people use Bing but they don’t know that bing also gives you rewards for searching your information online.

To get paid for your searches you have to join the Microsoft rewards program.

you can earn points for using age browser and buying Microsoft products in the form of gift cards, cash, and other things.

Earning per search in bing is 10 credits which = 0.1 dollars.
The maximum earning you can get per day is 150 credits an additional hundred mobile credits.

Their minimum payout is 5250 credits which equals to $5.

Available payout methods are Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Target.


This site is looking for online users worldwide who can create or correct the text, do surveys and search online.
You have to sign up with clickworker free of charge.

some of their workers are averaging 30$ for 4 hours of work.

Field agent

The field agent website gives you 120 minutes to complete a particular task after you accept it.

so you have to complete it within 2 hours of acceptance.
they pay up to $12 an hour various tasks


This is a downloadable app that you can use to participate in surveys and doing many simple things such as searching on Google.
Using this app and searching online can get you cash.


This is a platform where you can review movie trailers.
You will earn points by doing this which can be converted into gift cards.
After joining this platform you will automatically earn 600 points.
Completing each movie trailer will give you a maximum of 275 points.
A thousand points are equal to 1$ and after you reach 5000 points you can redeem them amazon gift cards or $5


The Mturk platform is owned by Amazon. this platform connects human taskers with the website that needs human engagement.

You have to perform small tasks that robots simply cannot do very well.

There are many batch jobs to complete for decent have to wait for one week for your first payout which goes to the Amazon payment account.

Research companies use this site to get qualified humans to participate in surveys, interviews.

you go through screening questions that determine whether you are qualified or not.

most of interviews and focus groups are taken on webcam.

Their pay range is $25 to $200 per project.
Some of their projects take 25 minutes to complete and some require an hour.

They pay you through PayPal and after 7 days completing your project.

User testing

This website is for testing out new websites and apps.

you have to download there screen recording app. they pay $10 via Paypal for every 20 minutes video you complete.

they pay you to visit websites or apps and completing the set of tasks, you have to speak your thoughts loudly.

Playtest cloud

This is a game testing site where you get to test new games.

Once you sign up with them, they will send you a test for different devices.

you have to download the game file and then record your screen.

you can get 3-4 games for testing per month. you will get paid $9 to $11 for the game that you test, which is not bad.

payment is done via PayPal after you take a test


On this site, the user can complete a quick survey and open the app screen to give your opinion.

on average they pay 0.1$ a minute. you can get your payment via Paypal after you reach a minimum of $10.


You can design your own phone cases and other 20 products and publish them.

with each sale you can earn a few bucks, you have to do clever work to earn on this site.

they pay on every 15th through PayPal to your account

Review site to get paid and earn money online.


This site gives you the ability to review your experience with software products that you may use in your industry.

each review may last up to 10 minutes.

reviews you give will be monitored and if found true, then only will be published with them.

You get $10 as a gift card for each public review of yours.



To use this site you need a business email address.

they also provide their users to review software products and pay $25 per review, which must be verified.

you can take a maximum of 10 reviews per year.

I have given you detailed information about various sites to earn money online that pay you for your work.

you can find HERE more information about online business.

this work can be done easily from your home, you are requested to go through each site and sign up with which you find suitable for you.

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