How to Start Affiliate Marketing website,Top Secrets Revealed.

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Starting an affiliate marketing website is the best decision you can take right now.

For me it took many years to learn,How to Start Affiliate Marketing website. You don’t have to waste any money or time and you can directly apply what is working in affiliate marketing business.

For doing affiliate marketing, you have to select affiliate network you want to work with, if you are just starting out Amazon is the first choice to start and learn affiliate website building.

You can check This Post to know more about Amazon affiliate and how to open account with them, now let’s move on to see how to start affiliate marketing website.

Whenever you are starting a new site, the first step is to register a domain name.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an online address. An address where internet users can access your website.

Like in the case of Twitter, “”is the domain name for the company Twitter.

And similarly, “” is the domain name for the company, Google and so on.

Next thing is selecting the proper extension after the name that you get.

There can be multiple extensions of your domain name, but the popular one is .com like, or

“.com” domain extension is more suited for global audience.

If you want to target a specific country, like the case of India you may want an “.IN” extension.

If you’re targeting the Indian audience, then instead of going for the “.com” domain extension, you will go for “.in”.

In my case, one of my website address is: “”. Because I’m targeting the Indian audience.

So instead of going for a “.com” domain extension, I went for the “.in” domain extension.

Similarly, let’s say if you’re targeting England.

Then your domain extension will be “.UK”.

After a domain name, to start a website, you need a hosting.

What is a web hosting?

A web hosting is a service, where organizations or individuals can keep a website or a web page on the internet.

Just like you have storage compartments in your home to store all your stuff, your website also needs some space on internet to store all the files and the folders.

A website or blog is nothing but a directory of files and folders that are rendered through a server of a particular domain name.

If you are thinking of starting a blog or affiliate website, you need two things, first is the domain name, and second is the website hosting.

When you are buying a website hosting, you’re actually buying a space on a server.

Now there are various companies that sell hosting services, Examples are:-

Hostinger, GoDaddy SiteGround and HostGator BlueHost.

When you are a buying a website hosting, you are actually buying a server space of these companies.

These companies have massive servers. So you’re actually paying a monthly or yearly fee, for access to some space on these servers. When we talk about a shared web-hosting, you’re actually taking some server space of the server.

Because taking the entire server will be really expensive, so shared hosting is the solution for all the people who want to start their site at a very cheap price.

About the free hosting:-

Free is what people need most. They also think why pay for a hosting, when they can get it for free, but you have to understand one thing, there’s nothing free in this world. Yes, free hosting does exist, But they have their limitations.

Their drawbacks are honestly. When you’re starting an affiliate website to make money,you need an extra edge to beat your competition.

To start an affiliate website, you need to invest in a paid hosting. Free hosting providers like Blogger or have certain limitations.

You cannot customize your website like the way you want, there will be a sub domain instead of your primary domain, and the worst of all, there is no technical support. Since you’re starting out a new website, sooner or later you will face issues.

You will face problems like installing WordPress, some plug-in is not working, or maybe your website is not rendering.

You need someone to talk to, someone who can help you. This is where the paid hosting companies come in.

They have support people. You can call them, you can live chat with them and they will solve your issues within minutes.

But with free hosting, nothing like that comes. Personally, after creating many affiliate websites, I will recommend you to stay away from the free hosting and invest some money in a paid hosting plan.

Since you are investing time and energy in this affiliate business, and the ultimate aim is to make money from your website, you need to invest money for a paid hosting plan.

After my years of experience in affiliate marketing and Adsense blogs, the one recommendation that I can give you is to invest money in a paid hosting plan, so that you can beat your competition and drive much more traffic, and in return, you can make much more money for your website.

With the paid hosting plan you will be getting unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. You can drive as many people to your websites you want.

Few hosting plans give you an upper limit of 20,000 visitors per day. But if you are just starting out, that is more than enough for you.

Also instead of worrying about installing WordPress or other technical difficulties, which we will see later in the post, there’s one click installation for everything.

All you have to do is click on a couple of icons and everything will be installed automatically. Most important reason for going for a paid hosting plan is the support staff.

You can tell them, any issue you are facing via call or email, and within a few minutes, everything is fixed.

Paid hosting plans used to be expensive earlier. Now, they’re extremely cheap.

If you’re following our affiliate marketing posts and if you are creating an affiliate website as discussed here, then within few months, you will be making money from your site.

The money that you are investing in your hosting is not an expense. Rather an investment, that will give benefits later.

The hosting company that I recommend you when you are just starting out is Hostinger. I tried many of them before, be it GoDaddy, and be it BlueHost or HostGator.

But I found Hostinger to be cheapest and good company, this hosting company is perfect when you are not earning from your online business, you can later change if you want, but their service is sufficient to handle affiliate sites, which need much lower traffic then Adsense sites.

How to choose Niche-Topic for your affiliate website.

For starting your first affiliate website, don’t think too much, just make a list of your top interests and hobbies , last 10 products that you bought online.

A niche is nothing but a broad topic that you like most, than there are sub niches or sub topics; you need to select this sub niche to create your website on.

To know more about niche check this post, where I have given information on niches and how to select them.

For example I like Android phones and accessories, who don’t like this, and yes you can create an affiliate site on this topic.

I have decided to go into the Android Phone niche, just to show you how to create an affiliate website and how to optimize it in a perfect manner.

Let’s search for a good domain name for this, as we discussed earlier.

You should look in your domain name, keyword of niche you want to work with. For this reason

I’m searching for domain name, “” Let’s see if it’s available or not.

to do this head over to hostinger domain search

domain name register

Now type in the box, name of the topic you want to make site on, i am searching for best Android Phone Guide.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing website,Top Secrets Revealed. 1

Best Android phone guide is available, but we want two or three letter domain, which is easy to remember, so lets search for android phone guide.


How to Start Affiliate Marketing website,Top Secrets Revealed. 2


The domain “” is available as of now Aug 2020; you can go ahead and register it before anyone else, if it’s not already taken.

If you go for the “.com” then you will be targeting the global audience and also the US market.

I have decided to go into the Android Phone niche, because the profitability is really high.

The competition is also high, but this niche is immensely popular not only in India but also globally.

How to do Keyword Research for affiliate sites.

Doing keyword research is most important step that one must do it while starting any kind of blog.

keywords are nothing but, what people are typing in search engines and looking to get information, if we know this, than we can create our posts around these keyword. You can learn more about keyword research HERE and HERE.

Now, for our test project , I found following keywords from ubersuggest and other free tools,

open ubersuggest in your browser, and type your main keword in the box, change country as you like and hit search.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing website,Top Secrets Revealed. 3

Keyword                                                                Monthly Searches

best android phone40500
best android phone in india3600
best android phones2900
best budget android phone1300
best cheap android phone590
which is the best android phone1000
best android phone to buy140
cheapest android phone9900
latest android phones8100
android mobile phones6600
htc android phones4400
new android phones5400
android phones18100
top 10 android phones2900
all android phones1600
best android phone under 150008100
android phones in india2900
latest android phone720
best android phone in india 2019260
android phone price880
upcoming android phones2400
best android mobile1300
what is android phone720
lg android phones2400
android phone5400
cheap android phones2900
android mobile phone590
motorola android phones1900
top 5 android phones1000
top android phones1600
best android phone in india under 15000720
best mobile phone4400
best phone3600
what is android22200
android best phone110
android mobile14800
best phones1600
latest android version18100
best mobile phones1300
android applications18100
apps for android22200
android operating system2400
google phones1900
android mobiles in india
android tablets
android tablet3600
which android phone to buy140
best smartphone 20192900
mobile phone reviews1300
top smartphones1300
best mobile to buy720
best smartphones 2019480


In this list you can see how many times android phone related keywords get searched every month in India.

We will create posts in our website related to these keywords so that we can get free organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

For example if we have to select our post titles that we will publish in our blog, we can make a topic list from above keyword list like this:-

best android phone under 15000
best budget android phone
cheapest android phone
upcoming android phones
motorola android phones
what is android
latest android version
android operating system
google phones
mobile phone reviews
best mobile to buy
online shopping sites guide
apps for android phones
android phone apps
best apps for android phones
top mobile phones
top 5 android phones
new android phones
new android apps
what is android

Now you should start learning more about Android Phones by reading magazines and actual phone reviews on Amazon.

This way you will know how to make a full outline of your affiliate website, what topics you will Write on, and what type of Android Phones and accessories you will promote.

How to make Affiliate website on wordpress.

When you open your hosting account on hostinger or any other host, it’s very easy to install wordpress to your website, you can follow below video to know the whole process.

For our project we can make an overall website outline like this:-

Android Phone Guides

Home page

2 column layout

Android Phone guide

Footer pages

  1. about us
  2. privacy policy
  3. contact us

Top menu

  1. Android phone basics
  2. Online shopping sites
  3. Android phone guides
  4. Android phone Help

android phone basics


1a. opening the phone box

1b. basic operations

1c. Dealing With Apps


Online shopping sites


2a. guide and information

2d. Ongoing Deals

2e. android News


Android phone guides


3a. Games and apps

3b. Android Phone Accessories

3c. Camera and Media guide

3d. Maps and Navigation guide

3e. miscellaneous guides


Android phone Help


4a. android phone settings

4b. troubleshooting

4c. Network Help


You can now start building your website; don’t worry about anything else when staring for first time, there are many things to learn as you get familiar with this process of creating affiliate websites.

What is important is treating this as an actual online business.

I suggest you to use bitnami wordpress, you can learn how to use it on their official guide HERE, build this site first locally on your computer or laptop, and then as you learn more, you can easily migrate to online server.

Alternately you can create your free hosting account on sites like hostinger and try out wordpress.

I created this test site on my computer using bitnami wordpress, you can do the same.

theme i used is Hueman free theme.

Plugins used

RankMath Seo

Litespeed cache

sassy social share


cookie notice

You can learn all about themes and plugins via YouTube videos.


How to Start Affiliate Marketing website


Now that you have perfect idea on How to Start Affiliate Marketing website you can start your affiliate marketing journey.

once you get familiar with affiliate marketing , check this site regularly for more advance posts on creating affiliate websites.

do share this post to your friends and family as this is the easiest guide on the subject, and everyone should have an online business.

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