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start your blog

Starting and running a successful blog can be a very rewarding process.

But wait,

Before discussing starting a blog, I want to ask you something important.

Who are you? Do you know about the Internet and online business?do you know how to start a blog in India?

In my point of view, you are one among these –

  1. You are just passed out your college or studying in, and your age group is 18 yrs to 24 yrs


  1. You are doing a STUCK job, and looking for something that will give you money and satisfaction. Your age group is between 24 years to 40 years.


  1. You just want to learn something new and you heard somewhere about blogging and trying to start a blog. Your age is obviously above 40 years.

Number 1 and number 3 are just fine for me but if you belong to number 2 then you have to start a blog immediately!!


Doing a job that we don’t want to do is a typical task, without any monetary gains or satisfaction.

I call this situation a stuck job.

I am myself belong to this group, I am trying to do something about, which I am passionate, simultaneously earning a good amount of money and this is absolutely possible with blogging.

If you belong to the first group and just passed out your college or you are studying then starting up an online job is a great choice for you.

Because you have plenty of time to create an amazing online business for you and your family.

The next thing is how much you know about the internet and online business.

If you are going to do online business and passionate about it, you will definitely learn everything for sure.

So now it’s up to you to decide what you want to do, you may belong to any group but it’s up to you to learn everything properly and create an online business for you and your family.

The ultimate guide to starting a very new blog right from the beginning.

earn money blog


Other bloggers on the net, follow the same steps to elaborate on starting a blog.

but in this post, you are going to get the exact blueprint that I follow to start all my blogs.

I learn all these steps by doing mistakes and following blindly others on the net.

if you really want to you know,” how not to start a blog” then please go through my post here.

So let’s begin

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

Many people get confused about what really a blog is, and how it is different from website.

Generally speaking, every blog can be a website but every website cannot be a blog.

Blogs contain blog post which is created by individuals and small businesses to educate their audiences.

Whereas websites contain static pages about their products and services.

So a blog is a platform where individuals can create beautiful and informative posts about literally anything in the world.

Now I want discuss the one more important question of how much running a blog cost?

In India, if you want to start running a blog for a year, it will cost you around just rupees 4000.

we can use all free tools available online to start and run our blog successfully, it is a very small investment with a lot bigger output potential.

I manage my blogs from 2015 and it cost me not more than 10000 rupees for four years.

you can buy premium services for your blog once you get money consistently

Are there any ways to start a blog absolutely freely?

You can easily create free blogs on platforms like and

But there are limitations on these platforms like you don’t have a separate domain for your blog, you have to use a subdomain like

But if you want to build serious blogging business, you have to go for self-hosted WordPress blogs with your own domain names like

When will you make money with your blogs?

If you do everything correctly and create quality content you will see small earnings after 3 months, which will grow in the next months.

Requirements to start a new blog.

You must have one Concept that you love and want to share with the world.

Commitment to learning about blogging and zeal to help other people by providing valuable information.

To start a blog you also have to buy a name for your blog and space for your blog on the internet.

You will also learn about a content management system called WordPress.

You will also create compelling and informative content that will help your reader to find solutions to their problems.

You will also learn how to rank your blog in Google, to get a good amount of traffic to your blog and ways to monetize your blog to earn a decent income monthly.


Now let’s see in detail how you will accomplish these tasks.

The first step in starting a blog is to decide on which subject you can write many informative and useful articles.

This one subject or concept should be the one that you love the most and always wanted to write about.

The most important thing is you should know more about this subject, than others so that you can give them appropriate advice.

You can easily start writing on what you currently doing in your job or business. This may be anything.

There are literally thousands of subjects available.

Second thing is that you must learn more about this particular subject so that you can create a beautiful resource online for the benefit of others.

The next thing is your commitment to the blog that you are making.

Starting a blog is like starting a new business. you have to work on your blog, so hard that you can convert it into a successful business.

Don’t do this for only fun instead make it your earning source.

There are excellent benefits of blogging that you may enjoy if you do do it correctly.

Benefit number 1

You will create your online presence and a way to communicate with your readers.

Number 2

You yourself learn the wonderful new business of blogging.

Number 3

Your popularity will grow online and in your social media, people will look to you as an expert.

Number 4

This is a real business where you can earn real money.

Methods to start a new blog.

how to write a blog


To start a blog there are two methods, the first method is that you see everywhere.

If you search on Google how to start a blog you will find a lot of blog posts about this method.

In this method, everyone tells you to follow the same steps as detailed below.

  1. Pick niche topic for your blog
  2. Do keyword research
  3. Buy a domain name for your blog
  4. Buy hosting for your blog
  5. Install WordPress on your blog
  6. Write at least 20 unique articles
  7. Build back-links to your blog
  8. Regularly update your blog with unique new posts and provide value to your readers.

There is nothing wrong with the above steps, and I am going to tell you to do same things.

but is this a correct way to start something online?

you are just starting out and don’t know anything about internet marketing and blogging.

Therefore before following the above steps, there must be an absolute beginner’s guide that you can follow without doing any mistake.


My method of starting a blog and what I have done actually.


First thing first is you should try and get a feel of the blog without actually starting a blog.

What do I mean by this and how this will benefit?

I actually mean to say that you should run a blog on your home computer, and try out WordPress themes, plugins, writing a post, actually doing everything as you do online.

the benefit of doing this is that you will have no fear at all about starting and running a blog. because you will play with your blog offline and learn a lot of things.

Now how to install WordPress on your computer locally

Do this task we need a software called bitnami WordPress, which install a local copy of WordPress in your computer so that we can learn WordPress and blogging without getting online.

to know installation process of bitnami WordPress please follow this guide at the official site.


So what is WordPress?

what is wordpress

WordPress is the world’s most popular tool for creating any type of website. to know more about WordPress go through this article.


The next thing is how to create quality content quickly and without wasting much of our time.

I will tell you one method by which I create my content, without even touching my keyboard, and I don’t know any other blogger tales this method.

to create content, I use google voice typing. by using this I can quickly type in English and hindi.

This is very powerful and helps you to create wonderful content and publish it quickly which is the task very difficult to do by typing on keyboards.


I have these two things that can make a huge difference when you start your blog for the first time.


Now let’s see the next steps to start a blog already mentioned above.


1.Pick topic/subject for your blog

It can be confusing at the start of choosing a suitable topic for your first blog.

The best thing to do when you are thinking about the topic or subject of your blog is to list your hobbies and interests. and choose from this list.

There are two things you need to know when choosing a subject.

The first one is, you should know enough about the chosen subject and, the second one is that even you don’t know anything about the subject but you want to learn thoroughly and at the same time want to share your learning with the world.

You may be wondering what a niche means. Niche is nothing but a small portion of a big market, For example, karate is a big market and there can be numerous small markets in this big market, how to learn karate is a niche market and you can select it as a topic for your blog.

another example is cooking and in cooking, Indian Curry recipes is a small niche market.

creating blogs on each submarket and subtopics can be very beneficial. because there is low competition with other blogs in comparison to the big market.

there are methods to find out whether the chosen topic has the potential to become a successful blog.

to complete this first step write down a list of your hobbies and interest along with small subjects as discussed above, that you love to create a resource online.

2. The second step is doing keyword research to make sure that our blog gets traffic.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is nothing but finding out what people are actively searching on Google and other search engines.

every second people search on Google for the information they need.

the words they put in Google to get their desired results are called keywords, and it’s really important to know which keyword people are searching mostly.

so that, we can write our blog post around that keyboard and after doing optimization of our blog post a visitor can come to our blog through Google.

for example, you may come to this post through a Google search on how to start a blog in India.

this is just one keyword for which this post comes into Google. there can be hundreds of various keywords. we should always create our blog around highly searched keywords so that we can get a decent amount of traffic for the month to our blog.

celebrities like Amitabh bachchan just go out and write their blog, they don’t have to do any keyword research because people will search for their blog and go there.

whereas we have to make sure that we create blog posts with quality content and related keywords people actively searching for.

3. Buy a domain name for your blog.

a domain name is nothing but what name of your blog you need to buy.

for example, this blog is called and this is a blog name and I bought.

4. Buy hosting for your blog.

Next, we have to buy space on the internet for our blog.

this way we can host our blog on a server connected to the internet there are plenty of good hosting companies that provide reasonable hosting plans.

this blog is hosted on Hostinger India. you can choose to select an annual plan to save money when you are starting your blogging journey.

Just buy any hosting account and set up your hosting with can find all help in you-tube videos.

5. Install WordPress on your blog.

after buying a domain name and hosting, the next important thing is installing WordPress.

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS content management system, and it is very easy to use.

WordPress is what we use to create our blogs post, articles, pages, etc.

using WordPress is easy and can be learned within a few days with the use of bitnami WordPress we can practice our skills on WordPress before we can actually go online.

6. Writing unique articles for the blog.

In my view, this is the most difficult part of creating a beautiful blog.

people can do all technical things quickly, but writing for your blog post is a different thing.

it requires a lot of research and deep knowledge of your chosen topic and subject.

you can face many distractions while writing and it is also time-consuming to write manually through the keyboard.

to overcome this problem, I use a unique method of mine where I create text by using voice typing to know more about this please check this post.

7. Build backlinks to your blog

building backlinks is a part of search engine optimization for our blog.

you will learn all these techniques once you start your blog but for now, you should know about backlinks and on-page search engine optimization.

which are very critical to get a good ranking position in Google. backlinks are links pointed towards your blog from other properties on the internet.

this tells Google about our blog’s authority and it is an important ranking factor similarly, on-page SEO involves the use of our chosen keywords in the title of your post and in the paragraph.

this way we can get traffic to our blog for free and traffic is everything when you talk about blogging.

8. Update your blog regularly with the post.

after doing the above steps, we must update the blog with quality and helpful blog posts regularly.

you may decide to schedule to post on your blog, this can be as per your choice like posting daily, weekly, monthly, 1 2 or 3 articles.

what really matters is the quality and uniqueness of your posted article.

9. Decide how you will earn money from your blog.

You don’t know about this but you can monetize your blog so that you can earn money regularly.

there are two popular methods from which you may earn money from your blog.

a)Google AdSense

b)Affiliate marketing

Google AdSense is a very popular method for earning money through your blog, but you need approved AdSense account in order to make money.

you should apply for AdSense once your blog starts getting a good amount of traffic, and you are good to go.

but before that, it is recommended to start with affiliate marketing. where we promote products from big sites like, we receive a commission on every purchase made with the affiliate links.

we can easily promote products from Amazon, in our blog by writing a review post as well as information posts.


To start a new blog I follow all the steps given above and you also recommended to follow the same.

if you are thinking that this is very technical and only technical people can do jobs like this, then please reconsider your opinion.

you can learn to blog very easily and create your own business of blogging by monetizing your blogs.

There are no shortcuts to get success in blogging also. hard work always pays here.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends, also visit here to know more about business in india


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