Network marketing business,to do or not to do?

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Network marketing is also called multi-level marketing and so many people across all over the world are involved in it.

You believe it or not but this industry exists and it is also a very big business opportunity if you do it correctly.

many years ago a lot of people involved in multi-level marketing in India but got cheated due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of network marketing.

this is previously known as MLM which lost its credibility due to wrong promises given and by wrong people doing this.

false promise by only a few people made this concept unbelievable and people lost their money in this business.

But this is one of the most effective methods of earning money and in today’s world of Internet and marketing, it becomes very easy. 

What is network marketing actually?

the most simple definition of network marketing is you join a company and distribute its product to a network which is made by you, Product moves through this network and you get Commission according to the volume generated. 

Network marketing is also called multi-level marketing, direct selling and it is also defined as follows,

direct selling means marketing, distribution, and sale of goods or providing services as a part of a network of direct selling other than under a pyramid scheme.

direct selling is an alternate form of distributing products and services.

instead of using traditional distribution channels ( manufacturer – distributor – wholesaler – retailer – consumer ), direct selling companies sell their products and services directly to consumers

company – a middleman – consumer

the consumer gets no benefit.

company – distributors – consumer

distributors get all the middle benefits who are consumers also.

this money in the middle chain is given to distributors through the bonus.

this is given on the movement of products from the company to the end-user.

if a company is paying as much as 62 % of this money to middle distributors who are moving these products, isn’t it a good thing?

Is network marketing legal in India?

India has a clear guideline for direct selling/network marketing / multi-level marketing  (MLM) industry with the announcement of direct selling guidelines 2016 on 12th September 2016 legitimate direct selling companies are rejoicing & scams are in trouble.

Benefits of network marketing?

 the first and most important benefit of network marketing is Your own personal development.

If you decide to get involved with network marketing then you will automatically grow as a person.

every network marketing company trains its distributors To become a leader eventually, and in this process, you keep on learning new things.

there are hundreds of motivational videos and resources available for you to learn and develop yourself.

They also organize big events where there most influential leaders share their tactics to become a leader and form a big team.

Time and financial freedom

As you grow your network of distributors and volume get generated,  you start earning a good amount month after month.

after working in a systematic way for 3 to 5 years you should become financially free, which means you will earn money passively without working any more.

time freedom also comes with it for you to enjoy your life.

Online way of doing this business

in today’s world of internet and social media, it is become very easy to do this business.

you can use all marketing channels like Facebook WhatsApp YouTube Pinterest Instagram LinkedIn to do this business effectively.

Network marketing business,to do or not to do? 1

there is no need to invest your time and effort instead you can contact your friends and family online to do this.

Work from home and side business

This is basically working from home business and a great business opportunity for Women entrepreneurs, This is a very trending profession now. 


My story with network marketing 

I worked on this business part-time in 2017 but cannot grow it due to lack of time as I was involved in blogging and other online business.

I made a system called network product movement and it is based on modicare plan which is the fastest growing MLM company in India

it is based on product movement from company to self users.

in a process of product movement business volume is generated we get paid bonus on this

education and training is most important to know this concept, everyone is working for everybody no one is superior or a newbie when one joins.

in this system, you don’t have to marketing or selling of products you receive.

2.attand any meeting or seminar or annoying persons giving wrong promises.

3.tell anyone anything about this concept offline.

in this system, you have to

1.educate yourself on this concept. with your 5 friends only online and educate them also.

3.regulerly buy a fixed amount high quality very useful products from modicare company.

this system is for

1.anyone earning rs 25000 + pm

2.job looking pass out students.

3.housewives to have income.

4.elderly and retired persons

5.basically everyone who is open-minded to new ideas.

after learning and implementing this system will start earning from your 1st month.

2.after 7th month you will start earning rs20000 +

3.have a group of 125 + very friendly friends 

I created this concept which is based on the network marketing industry.

as the name suggests network product movement, involves the movement of high-quality products through a network of friends created by us.

what is network product movement

this is a very simple and logical concept where you only self-use product per month and build a network starting with 5 of your close friends and all this happens online in a FB group 

3 steps to achieve a new income stream with this system.

study about the network marketing industry and find a strong reliable company to build a network of our own according to our needs 


study about products of company and income plan to fix our required monthly buying of high-quality products and should be affordable for everyone.


to earn life long income we need to create a network easily with just our 5 friends/relatives who are ready to buy monthly fix value products and building their network.  

SO, in my opinion, you should definitely try the network marketing business and do it properly.

I will post more on this topic in the future.

You can watch below video to know more about this business, I made back then.


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