No investment business idea,Start your Business with no money

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No investment business idea,Start your Business with no money 1

Many persons do believe in doing business of their own, but only a few actually start one.

The number one reason for doing this is financial problems and they search for no investment business that is easy to start.

I always find people saying below things:-

  • I want to start a business but I don’t have money.
  • I have prepared everything to get started in Business Line, but the bank is not giving me a business loan when I apply to them. 


these are valid reasons and many new entrepreneurs have the same questions as above, and in this process finally, they actually don’t start anything.

I am going to tell you about profitable business ideas that require no to the very minimum capital investment.

I know many businesses that can be operated without any investment and still they can make good money for you.

Starting your own business without any capital investment

As we already know businesses operate in two ways, the first one is a product-based business and the second one is a service-based business.

product-based businesses are large manufacturing companies, and it is not possible to start your business without any investment.

if you want to manufacture a product. it needs manufacturing plant, land, machinery, electricity and many other things that require huge investment from your side.

but if you want to start a business with low investment, then you have to start a service-based business. you can find 81 small business ideas in this post

to start a service-based business, many times you only need a smartphone or landline at your home.

You may convert any small room of your home as your business office, You can, later on, Make a big business and set up an office for you.

The first idea that requires no investment from your side is the business of housekeeping. 


housekeeping business india


What are the benefits of housekeeping business 

First of all, you need to understand the business of housekeeping services.

usually, big corporate offices have there separate Department for housekeeping needs, but for some special occasions and in an emergency they do contact housekeeping companies.

And in fact, you can get housekeeping contracts from these offices and malls all over your city.

you can notice these housekeeping workers at various places like cinema halls, malls, corporate offices, industries, Big shops, various outlets, etc 

No investment business idea,Start your Business with no money 2

To do this business you need just a smartphone, and you can convey your message of starting a new business of housekeeping to your known persons.

you can easily say that you are giving employment to people who are not educated, who have no previous experience of doing any sort of business.

This is a win-win situation for you and your team of workers Because you are starting a new business and your workers are getting employment even though they are not educated. 

All you have to do is recruit them and arrange small training so that they can learn about housekeeping which is very easy to teach. 

The next part is easy, you have to register your business as a sole proprietorship and start contacting your friends and family for any housekeeping need they may have.

once you have some experience in this business you can then legally contact corporate office, malls and grow your business.

How you will earn in this business.

this is very simple, you can start this business with only two workers under you.

as your business grows, your team may expand to thousands of workers working under you.

You will give minimum wages to your workers when you Get an order of housekeeping from any of the offices or malls, and at the same time, you can charge 10 to 12% as service charge for providing this service to them.

For example, generally, housekeeping businesses charge rupees 15000  per worker for a month and you make 10% of this that is 1500 rupees per worker per month.

if you employ 100 of your workers and assign them the job of housekeeping for a particular office complex, then you will make 1500*100= INR 1,50,000/ Month.

you can find many housekeeping businesses listed in the IndiaMART directory.

Actually this business does not require a huge investment.

it can be started and run with even no investment from your side, what it requires are your hard work and your good communication skills.

Success or failure of this business largely depends on the quality of service that you give to your customers.

your business will grow automatically once you maintain your quality and your team of workers.

This business is not limited to only housekeeping, you can add Security Services.

you can supply housekeeping material and many more services, which can make you a good amount of money without any investment from your side.

You can run this business totally by using only your phone and a reliable team of workers working for you.

You must keep in mind that every time you start a new tie-up with any of the offices or malls for housekeeping, you should always prepare an agreement.

it will have your terms and condition mentioned, Another important thing is your understanding of labor law, you should always comply with the labor laws of our country. 

When starting your new business make a practice of doing a police verification of every employee of your business.

so that you can get only clean and good nature workers with your team.

make sure that your business looks professional by providing good looking uniforms and proper office arrangements after you get your first few payments.

Don’t forget to make a logo of your business, and use this logo on the uniform, your Facebook page, your business card, so that people start recognizing your business and asking for the same. 

payment terms should be crystal clear to avoid any future problems. 


so this is the way you can start your business with low or no investment from your side, utilizing only your hard work and network of people.

This is the first post in this series and in the coming time, I will post more about business ideas that require no investment.

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