81 Small business ideas, start small business in india.

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small business idea india


Welcome to UdyojakPrerna, a blog to study business ideas and your inspiration for starting your own business with all help and resources in one place.

There are thousands of most successful small businesses running all in India, but it all starts with one simple idea.

In this post, you will find all the information about starting and running your own small business successfully.


Essentially when you searching for a small business idea you have taken a very wise decision of creating an earning source for you and your family.


Before we get into smart Business ideas to begin your journey toward the business world, you can find below resources on this blog to help you understand everything business.


1. The mentality of a business person. (How to prepare yourself for the business world).

2. Loan Schemes for starting and running a business in India.

3. How to start a business in India.

4. Introduction to internet marketing (Online Business).



Creative small business ideas that you can choose to start your enterprise.


Definition of small business:-


The definition of a small business is an independently owned and operated company that is limited in size and in revenue depending on the industry. A local bakery that employs 10 people is an example of a small business. A manufacturing facility that employees less than 500 people are an example of a small business. source


In India, a small business that we assume you just want to start on a low investment is called Micro Enterprise.


If you plan to invest in plant and machinery to start your business then your investment should not exceed more than Rs 25 lakh, and if you start with the service sector where manufacturing is not involved but you invest in the equipment should not exceed more than Rs 10 Lakh.


To enjoy govt. scheme benefits to your business you should know these terms, you can read more Here.


Service Business Ideas:-


Giving Services to others with our products and solutions is called business related to the service sector.

in today’s world, everyone is busy with their so-called jobs and want easy and quick solutions to their needs.

This creates a big potential market for customers who are more than happy to pay for your services.

These services are mainly your hobbies or interests that you can convert into a service business, in many situations, there is no need for any formal training or certification to render your services.

You may need to invest some amount into supplies and tools you need for your business but it is not more than a few thousand rupees depending upon service.


List of small business in the service sector


  1. Makeup artist

81 Small business ideas, start small business in india. 1

You can provide in-home service to customers for quick makeup and beautician services.

  1. Mehandi and Rangoli artist

mehandi artist business

You may never think of this but to give your small business start you can easily do this, Mehandi and Rangoli designers are in full demand in the festive season.

  1. Hair Stylist

Provide hair styling service with your own touch.

  1. Music teacher

If you love music then you can teach others

  1. Party planner

You can become a private party planner with occasions such as a birthday.

  1. Party character role play

With this Best Idea Business, do some fun with appearing as characters in parties?

  1. Private home school teacher

If you belong to the education field you can easily start this service.

  1. Resume Writer

Start this service to help students.

  1. Private nursing Service

You can provide Nursing services to elderly people.

  1. Garden Lawn Caretaker

You can take care of the garden and lawn with your knowledge

  1. Plumbing services

Plumbers are always in demand

  1. Air conditioner maintenance
  2. On the Spot car wash
  3. on the Spot Vehicle Repair

This On the Spot Services can be your Best Idea Business.

  1. Online Business Teacher

If you know abort online Business than you may help others with the same.

  1. Proofreading and editing

With this service, you can help book publishers.

  1. Content and eBook writer
  2. Social media helper
  3. Product photographer
  4. on spot computer repair
  5. Software installation service
  6. Detective services
  7. Travel agent and tour guide
  8. Marriage planner
  9. Cakeshop Owner
  10. Phone repair service
  11. Tiffin Service (meal Delivery)
  12. Small roadside snacks shop or bookstall
  13. Yoga and meditation teacher
  14. Nutrition Adviser


The following are small scale business ideas that involve manufacturing and can be set up by proper planning with the help of Bank and govt finance schemes.


List of Small Business with Food Products.

81 Small business ideas, start small business in india. 2


  1. Bread Making Business

Bread is our everyday food product that has a big market. Bread comes in different varieties like brown bread; whole flour bread etc. raw material required for bread business is flour/maida which is easily available.


  1. Tomato Products

Tomato products such as juice, ketchup, and puree can be made with good profit.


  1. Potato/Banana Wafers

Wafers are the most popular snack food all over India. There is a huge demand for Potato wafers even though there are many big companies that make wafers.


  1. Coffee flavored milk

Many people love coffee products and there is a demand for coffee-flavored milk and supply is not enough.


  1. Ground and Processed Spices

Everyone knows spies which are used to enhance the taste of food; this is a high demand product that requires processing to export.


  1. Packaged Drinking Water

There is no need to explain the potential and growth scope of this business.


  1. Noodles manufacturing

Noodles are ready to eat a product with growing demand in India.


You can find all above Project profiles and other useful food products Profiles HERE


Small business ideas that are profitable with electronic and IT products.


  1. Electronic Gas lighter

  A gaslighter is every household need, to light up gas, if you are interested you can start your business with this product.

  1. Burglar Alarm system for automobile

You may notice this system which keeps your vehicles safe from stealing; this is another great product to make.

  1. Electronic Weighing Scales

Weighing scales are required everywhere from schools, colleges to industries. This can be a good product to manufacture if you belong to the education field.

  1. Desktop publication center

DTP center can be set up to give services to many customers. This is a good option if you are ready to invest in a small business amount of around 10 lakhs.

  1. Medical Transcription

This could be your next best idea business. It is a very highly professional IT related skill, and you can set up a profitable business with this.

  1. Net Cafe and related it Services

Net café and related services are always remaining there at any place like urban or rural areas.

  1. Consumer electronics repair center


You can find all above Project profiles and other useful Electronics and IT products Profiles HERE


Starting Business with Hosiery Products.
  1. Mosquito Net

This is an essential product all over the country for protection against diseases caused by Mosquito’s.

  1. School Uniforms

Every school student requires Uniforms, you can set up a School uniform Manufacturing business.

  1. Surgical Dresses

These are required in the medical field and also known as healthcare textiles.

  1. Swimming Suits

This is in demand for the product required by ladies all over the country.

  1. Textile screen printing

Printed fabrics business that you can start.

  1. Gents t-shirts

Every man needs tees so this is a profitable business

  1. Tracksuits

Tracksuits are in demand in the Sports field


You can find all above Project profiles and other useful Hosiery products Profiles HERE

You can find more Profiles HERE and HERE


All the above products are listed to give you ideas about choosing your product/service to begin with.

There are many useful products that have huge market potential needs to be fulfilled.

Let’s see some other ideas for a home business that you can start with.

These are mainly online business ideas that are easy to start with very low or no investment.

Below mentioned online ideas may seem difficult to you in the beginning but there is no rocket science behind it, anyone who is eager to learn and take quick action can make a solid income from online small business.

By clicking on the title you can find a very detailed guide about that specific topic, which will give you a clear idea about doing it properly.

81 Small business ideas, start small business in india. 3

  1. Start Reselling Business

Reselling Business can be started without any cost from home. This is a very good option for ladies to get their business going.

Many women resellers are earning Rs 20000+ with this easy to do business.

This involves sharing a product from an online app to your social circles like WhatsApp and facebook and selling them to earn your margin.


  1. Buy Wholesale Products to sell locally

This is a traditional business model where you buy wholesale products from online apps and sell them locally using your contacts and skills.

This can become a big business if you can learn to do it properly.


  1. Create a blog

This is one of the best options to start with online businesses.

Blogging is a very big business now with People earning lakhs of rupees per month. It is also easy to understand and implement your online blog.


  1. Write Articles for online Blogs

If writing is your passion then you can write articles for an online business to earn a good amount.

You may open your account on sites like upwork and guru to find clients.


  1. Write e-books and sell online

You can write eBooks’ on various subjects that you are passionate about.

Making and selling digital products online is a very profitable business model.


  1. Start a Fiverr account

Fiverr is an online site where thousands of people around the world give these services called gigs.

These are mainly related to the internet and blogging like logo design, article writing, etc.


  1. Start youtube channel

Youtube is our main source of information after Google.

You can easily create videos and upload to your channel to earn good money. E.g. if you are good at cooking you can make hundreds of recipe videos and upload.

You get money from Adsense ads that run with your video.


  1. Make large Face book buy sell groups

If you have large facebook groups with members ranging above 50000, you may convert it to buy sell group and charge sellers for listing their products.


  1. Join Network Marketing Company

This is known as MLM in India, many people earning a good income through it.

There are many misconceptions about this business, but with the rise of the internet and social media, it is very easy to start and do this easily.


  1. Start online t-shirt printing business

The on-demand printing business is very popular among the young generation. There are many online websites that provide a facility to run this business, where they ship t-shirts directly to our customers with our branding.


  1. Become a consultant

If you have solid knowledge about any subject that you love and passionate about, you can start your consulting business with the same on social media and other marketing platforms.


  1. Graphic Designer services

You may learn various graphics design skills like logo design, Photoshop, and other tools.

These are always in demand in various online places.


  1. Pan card and aadhar card center

Easily set up a computer center where you can fill online applications for pan card and aadhar card, for those who want this service.


  1. Create and sell courses online

Apart from selling eBooks’ online you can create your own online course and sell it online.

This requires complete mastery of a subject on which you make an online course.


  1. Start a Franchise of a good company

Though not related mainly online you can take a franchise of good companies to start your own small business.

These are available with all investment options starting as low as RS10000. 🙂 


  1. Online grocery store

If you are involved with grocery business you can now start an online store and accept orders to expand your business with relatively low investment.


  1. Online Food Ordering

Same goes with the online food business, if you own or know business persons who run food business locally, you may take the next step and create your own online food ordering system to accept orders.


  1. Become a travel agent.

With a lot of people traveling you can help them with their packages.


  1. Online train and flight booking agent

One of the most in-demand business ideas. Learn and start your own ticket booking agency.


  1. Online data entry

Though not recommended, you can try this option with caution also. (All info. Provided)


  1. Online Paid to click sites

Same as above, there are few sites which pay now, but a lot of hard work involved with a relatively low output.


  1. Become Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a big business online. This involves getting a fixed commission when they buy, on recommending a product or service to others.


  1. Sell Photographs

If you have a passion for photography and click good photos than you can sell on sites like Shutterstock to earn money.


  1. Sell on e-commerce platforms

Many small business owners sell thousands of products on online platforms like Flipkart and Amazon.

It’s very easy to list your product by signup with these platforms.

You only need a valid pan and GST number to get started.


  1. Sell your Handicrafts and other item’s

Etsy is a very famous site to sell your craft items as products, even if you don’t know about anything about selling and have good skills making handicraft products; you got a good chance of making money here.


  1. Babysitter

It’s a good job if you have spear time and love babies.

You can create a nice ad in your facebook/WhatsApp and send it to your known persons to get this job.


  1. Become internet researcher

A lot of people today need specific information for their own benefit, by searching the internet and providing systematic data is also a side business you can do to earn money.


  1. Start a laundry business online

If you belong to laundry and related business then start it with online platforms to earn good money.


  1. Event and party planner

Create a network of related service providers and provide people a one-stop solution to their event planning needs.


  1. Selling Insurance online

If you have done any formal course with Insurance than its good to market it online properly to get new customers and grow your business.



There are many lists of small businesses available at other places on the internet, but for a person who is looking to start a side business with relatively low investment, this is a complete resource for you to think and choose a suitable business to get started.

For a person from an Indian background and doing a so-called Job it is difficult to convince others to let him start a business, there are many business ideas in the above list which can be started easily with some study of business.

With some of the above products, you have to manage the business, apply to various private and govt loans to small business.

What Next?

IF you are just reading this post in research mode and thinking which business is best in India, trying to find a perfect business idea for you, you have to come out from that mindset and start taking some ACTION.

Visit this section of blog to start your 1st step towards starting your business correctly.

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