what is affiliate marketing?(complete guide for Indians)

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how to start an affiliate marketing business in India.

Welcome everyone, in today’s post we are going to see what exactly affiliate marketing is and how does it work.

if you have gone through my post on how to start a blog in India you must have noticed that in the section of earning money from a blog, I have mentioned that there are two primary methods by which we can earn money from our blogs.

 the first and important method is the Google Adsense method and we will see about it in another post and the second one that I have mentioned is affiliate marketing so let’s see what is affiliate marketing and how we can make it work.

affiliate marketing for beginners

This is actually a very easy subject to learn but for beginners, it may seem a little bit harder so we will begin with some background information on affiliate marketing.

what is affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing meaning?

affiliate marketing is a method of marketing online where you try to earn money by signing up for the various affiliate programs and by placing an affiliate link on your blog or website and on your social accounts.

and if someone clicks that link And purchases a product we get a small commission for our effort.

Actually, an affiliate is a person or business who does a job of promoting a  product or service offered by other businesses.

to get an idea of affiliate marketing we can take an example of affiliate marketing for Amazon.

in amazon book store we link to a specific book and promote on our blog that we like personally and want to recommend others to buy.

Below is an example of a book we promote. 


amazon affiliate example


you can go to above post HERE 

Amazon and Flipkart want quality affiliates with their brands because eventually, they want to promote products through their affiliate.

Some other affiliate programs want sign-ups to there services through your links, If someone signs up then you get rewarded by the company for promoting their services.

the above process is generally called as conversion.

this usually means that when a person completes a specific action as required by the affiliate program,  this is also true for other actions such as entering an email address on a company’s website and filling out a simple form.

after getting your affiliate link from your chosen program you can promote it by many methods such as:-

by displaying your affiliate link to your blog.

promoting your affiliate link on your social media accounts.

sharing your affiliate link in a webinar or podcast.

 The next question comes is why companies like Amazon and Flipkart take so much interest in affiliate marketing and have there world famous affiliate programs.

The answer is quite simple because it can be a great way to promote their products and services to a larger audience and in return, they just have to give a small commission if a purchase happens.

 they like this option of advertising because often they pay a lot of money for other advertising methods but don’t receive quality, Leads.

and through affiliate marketing, they receive only qualified and targeted leads.

This is really a great option for an online influencer who is most active on social media.

 they just have to mention or review specific products that they love and enjoy and share a link with their large audiences.

this type of income from your blog and other platforms is really a great thing because you can create product reviews once and earn money years down the line and it becomes passive money after that.

To start with affiliate marketing you just have to follow a few easy steps.

find an affiliate product to promote that is relevant to your blog content.

signup with affiliate programs like Amazon and Flipkart for getting your links for products.

after getting your link insert on your blog and your social media accounts like facebook.

promote and refer people to your affiliate link and make the conversion that is a sale.

receive Commission for your effort of selling a product through your link. 

When you do the above steps correctly, affiliate marketing can be a great way of income plus you can do this without losing your readers.

if you make good product recommendations to your audiences, they actually prefer to see what products you are interested in and they will have no problem making purchases by clicking your affiliate links.

affiliate marketing is a great way of doing online business for the below reasons.

this is almost passive income

as stated above if you create a product review on your blog you can earn money from that product for many years, without even maintaining that post and very minimal work.

but actually, it’s not entirely passive you need to publish content consistently build a very good trust and good following your blogs.

There is no need to create your own products

In affiliate marketing, you just have to promote the product that you like and love.

you actually don’t have to worry about shipping, creating the actual product, handling cancellations, after-sale services, and many more things.

anyone can do Affiliate Marketing

if you are good at writing and have a large following with you, you may earn a very good income from affiliate marketing even if you don’t have a blog or website.

you can start promoting affiliate products on social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and even if you decide to start a blog or website it’s not that difficult and does not require a very huge investment.

you actually get paid for promoting products that you love and enjoy by yourself.

there are so many products that we buy regularly and absolutely enjoy their features and know even the smallest detail about the product.

if your product has helped you immensely, it will surely help others to whom you are recommending.

There are thousands of products to promote

there are literally thousands of products available on Amazon, Flipkart and other affiliate programs for you to promote.

examples of these products are

blog related products website design, hosting and many more.


financial company products

mobile phones and accessories

digital products

craft items

outdoor gear

home decor

one thing is there that affiliate marketing is no getting rich scheme usually you have to work hard to make it work for you.

you can work from literally anywhere in the world

If you have a large following and  a blog with a decent amount of traffic And just the laptop, you can build your  affiliate marketing business from anywhere in the world and earn a good income from it 

Now let’s see how affiliate marketing links actually work.

this is simply when someone clicks on the affiliate link that you share to them, which you get from your affiliate program like Amazon or Flipkart or other programs and make a purchase, it is tracked by the affiliate program.

This affiliate link contains a code in the URL that tells affiliate programs like  Amazon from where and by which affiliate this click has come.

a cookie is stored to keep track of purchase from your affiliate link, in this cookie information such as your affiliate ID, customers IP address, date when they clicked on the link are stored.

below is a example of affiliate link

https://www dot amazon dot in/Sachin-Cricketer-Century-Vimal-Kumar/dp/0143417401/ref=as_sl_pc_ss_til?tag=angrybirds09-21&linkCode=as4&creativeASIN=0143417401

when you start getting a lot of sales from your affiliate links, affiliate programs may give you special coupon codes that you can share with your audiences with your personal branding.

There are mainly three methods by which you get paid for your efforts from affiliate marketing.

percentage of the sale amount. 

in this method, if the purchase happens from your link, you will receive a percentage of the sale amount.

for example, if the product is priced for rupees 1000 and you receive 20% for each sale, then you will earn rupees 200 as Commission for advertising fees, this percentage is decided by you and your affiliate program. 

Fixed Commission

in this method, you will be paid a fixed amount of commission if the purchase happens to your affiliate link.

no matter how the product is priced,  for example, some affiliate program May give you Rs 500 fixed Commission even the actual price of the product is rupees 50000.

per lead Commission

if a person signs up using your link, that is he feels the online form and submits his information, you will receive commission per lead.

for example, an affiliate program May give you rupees hundred per lead that you send to an affiliate program.

what is the duration of an affiliate code

different programs have different timelines for the duration of the affiliate tracking code.

tracking of affiliate code is decided by the affiliate program and can be for 30 days, 45 days, 60 days or some programs track for even years.

Popular affiliate programs in India

let’s see some of the most popular affiliate programs in India and how to find them.

you can directly go to Amazon.in and flipkart.com they are the biggest affiliate programs in India.

you can find any product that you think of to promote.

Alternately if you love and enjoy any product then you can find an affiliate program for it and start promoting that particular product.

there are also other methods that you can use to find affiliate programs.

The first one is obviously finding direct programs like Amazon and Flipkart.

you can search online and find an affiliate program for the product you want.

 to do this open Google and search product name + affiliate program, this will bring a list of affiliate programs that this product belongs to.

you can then apply to that program

there are also many different affiliate networks in India, these affiliate programs have their different Commission rate, conversion policies, and different cookie length.

When you decide to do affiliate marketing, it is very important to know the requirement and rules of affiliate programs. 

You are in contract with your affiliate company or website and should follow their rules.

for example, there is a requirement to disclose FTC statement when promoting Affiliate products on your blog or on social media.

failing to do so can be troublesome for you. 

How and to whom you should promote your affiliate products

when you decide to start your small business of affiliate marketing and sign up with Amazon or Flipkart.

don’t just look for products that have the highest Commission rates but look for products that may appeal to your readers and audience.

even if you receive only rupees 10 as Commission, but you really know the product and its value then you should definitely promote because eventually, you will get many more sales from this product.

you should always look from the eyes of your readers, and think like them.

this will help you immensely to know what type of product you should promote.

you should be very relevant to your readers and followers and it is of extreme importance.

always focus on what your readers want very badly and what can sell very well, but always promote quality products that you trust yourself.

 you can find all the questions and problems that your readers have by asking questions to them and finding their answers with your products.

it makes promoting very easy, you should always do deep research of products that you want to promote.

First affiliate product selling example.

affiliate marketing on facebook

let’s see how you can do this.

Facebook can be used to do affiliate Marketing very effectively, Facebook has a very big Marketplace where you can post your products with your affiliate links to promote.

Open Google search.

Put amazon India affiliate in search box.


amazon india search


Then open the first link that comes.


what is affiliate marketing?(complete guide for Indians) 1


Amazon’s affiliate Website will show up.


amazon india affiliate site


Click on join now for free or you can log in directly if you already join the affiliate program.


amazon affiliate joining 


Joining is easy and anyone can join this affiliate program, and earn money.

To sign up with the Amazon affiliate program There are some requirements you should fulfill.

 you have to mention your blog name and your traffic source to get approved.

 if you don’t have a blog or website you can also give your YouTube channels URL.

 to create a simple blog go to blogger.com and create a simple blog that is free, and post five articles.


here is a blog that I created on blogger.com for this purpose, you can see how easy it is.

your blog can be on any subject, then you can give this blog While applying to the Amazon affiliate program. 

But You have to give Amazon 3 sales from your links in the next 6 months to get a fully approved Amazon affiliate account. 

this is not a big concern and you should be able to do it easily. 

after you open your account login with your credentials and you will be taken to this screen.


amazon india dashboard 

In this window, you will find all the information about your Amazon affiliate account.

you will see a box for searching products to promote.

affiliate marketing example

now it’s time to choose a product that we can promote on social media, to do this keep an eye on current affairs and situations.

find a highly relevant product from Amazon that you can sale, for example as of writing this post in December 2019 issue of women safety is a much more concerned issue, and we can see if we could find a product related to the safety of women.

this way we also help needy customers and earn some money in the process.

In the keyword field enter distress companion, By using this keyword we can find products that are very useful in distressed and panic situations.


what is affiliate marketing?(complete guide for Indians) 2


select the product as per your choice from the shown products.


what is affiliate marketing?(complete guide for Indians) 3


Click on the get link button on the right corner, You can also view details about the product by clicking on its title. 

In the next window that you will be shown available links that you can legally promote, click on text links and then on the short link to get your link for that product.


amazon text link


next part easy you need to create a post and describe features and benefits of this product.

you can share this product through to your contacts on WhatsApp and Facebook.

this product that we are promoting is highly relevant to the current situation and you will help your audience and earn money at the same time for your effort.

Now the next question is how to find how much we can earn by making one sale.

 to know this Click on the below link.




amazon affiliate earning calculation



In this calculator, we have to input data like the price of the product and category of the product which you can find by looking product page. 

this product belongs to the electronics category in Amazon India and we get 4% Commission if someone buys this product from our links.

this product is priced at Rupees 2019, and we will earn a 4% Commission of rupees 80.76 for every product that we sell from our links.

 the calculator shows how many people you should send to Amazon to earn 500 rupees per month by selling this product.


 if you can select 10 products like this and promote them on your social platforms and in your blog and to your YouTube videos you can easily earn rupees 5000 per month.

 the above is just a simple example to show you the power of affiliate marketing, what is important here is relevancy and the way you promote your product to write audiences. 

By creating an amazon review site.

Imagine if we can earn money by simply promoting products to our social networks, how much we can earn by making blogs and websites, specially dedicated to the product like distress products that we see above.

you can receive organic traffic from Google if you optimize your site correctly.

For example, let’s begin with keyword research for your blog.


open ubersuggest which is a free keyword tool that we can use to see monthly searches for particular keywords.



In the box you see enter “best air coolers in India”, Change country right to India and hit enter Ubersuggest then process your keyword and show results. 

Our aim here is to create review posts and information posts based on keywords that we select so that we can generate traffic to our blog.

The above information is given to just show you how you can create a blog that can make rupees 5000 per month easily.

you can visit this detailed guide about making Amazon review sites to earn money online.

The above examples are based on the Amazon affiliate program but we can use Flipkart also and many other such affiliate programs. 


affiliate marketing is the best way to begin your online journey,  you can post affiliate links on your social networks, to begin with. 

there are literally thousands of affiliate programs available on the internet to promote.

you should know all the tools and tricks to do this correctly.

Next step is to create Affiliate marketing websites, to know more check this POST


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